Friday, July 9, 2010

No. 97: Smartphones are supplied to a trucking company (June 10, 2010)

KDDI, one of Japan’s three leading mobile phone carriers, will supply smartphones to Yamato Transport Co. that is Japan’s leader of the door-to-door delivery service. The company will supply 53,000 units to Yamato’s drivers coming October. It plans to expand the market to financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the future. This smartphone was developed jointly by KDDI and Toshiba using Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. It allows for wireless communications with other devices and information terminals. That is, the driver can trade payment information wirelessly to settle payment and send information on collection and delivery of goods every 15 minutes automatically. The new product also allows for cloud computing from which the driver can get new functions via the Internet. The driver can use the fingerprint authentification function, and he can delete data by remote control should his smartphone be misplaced. The company is developing smartphones suitable for drug management of pharmaceutical companies and sales activities of salespeople of insurance companies. KDDI’s strategy will motivate other carriers to develop the industrial market for their smartphones.

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