Saturday, February 23, 2013

No. 689: Power generation using waste heat of vehicle engine (February 23, 2013)

SWCC Showa plans to develop a semiconductor part that generates power using waste heat of vehicle engine in alliance with Tokyo University of Science. The regeneration system that stores energy generated during deceleration as electricity and uses it for power generation is widespread in green cars. The two organizations wish to improve this energy-saving technology with the help of waste heat of vehicle engine.  

They plan to use a new composite semiconductor made of magnesium and silicone. It has the property to convert heat into electricity using the electric pressure created by the temperature difference should it be put around an engine that gets hot as high as 500 degrees centigrade. Traditionally, a chemical compound of lead and tellurium is used for this purpose, but it contains lead that is harmful for health and expensive tellurium. SWCC Showa wishes to realize an output of more than 500 W per square meter using the composite semiconductor that Tokyo University of Science has been developing. 

 Power generation using waste heat

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