Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No. 258: Use a mobile phone to know the production area of a fruit (March 10, 2011)

You can know the production area of a fruit instantly using your mobile phone. NEC developed the technology to read out the pattern on the surface of a fruit and know the production area with reference to the preinstalled images and data of the production area using the built-in camera. The company conducted experiments this technology using a melon. The mobile phone used in the experiment had preinstalled images of 1,800 melons preinstalled, and the probability of misjudgment was one millionth. It plans to put this technology into practical use in a few years for the prevention of deception of production area. The difference in angle and lighting can be compensated, and special equipment like bar-code reader is not necessary. Farmers can take pictures of their fruits before shipment to put the images into the database, and distributors and consumers can confirm the producer and shipping date of the fruits using their own mobile phones. In addition to eliminating the time and labor required to put the labels of the production area for lower distribution cost, this technology will make it possible to specify stolen fruits. NEC plans to increase the recognition accuracy to read the pattern on the surface of fishery products.

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