Friday, April 1, 2011

No. 262: Producing a synthesized speech on the Internet (April 1, 2011)

You can produce a synthesized speech on the Internet by putting sentences on the website. Toshiba launched the new service named “ToSpeak Online” that comes with two kinds of male voices and three kinds of female voices. You can get instantaneously a high quality voice close to real voice by putting sentences on the Toshiba’s specialized web page. Toshiba developed this software by applying its software for car navigation systems and game software programs. Users can change the tone in accordance with their preference of accent and intonation. The new service can be utilized for the announcement in public facilities, narration for websites, and speech output of e-books. It eliminates the necessity to record voice every time the content is changed in broadcasting announcement for expenditure reduction. Because the service is a cloud service available on the Internet, users do not have to own a specialized server. It is available for a monthly charge starting from 50,000 yen for up to 200,000 letters and for a monthly fixed charge starting from 180,000 yen.

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