Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No. 289: Home Energy Management System from leading housing companies (June 29, 2011)

Leading housing companies will make substantial efforts to market equipment to analyze energy consumption of household. The equipment collects information on energy consumption via the Internet and makes a comparison of ongoing performance with past performance and the average consumption of a standard household. Advice on energy saving is offered with the equipment. The equipment is called Home Energy Management System. Houses equipped with a photovoltaic generation system have a system to know electricity generated and used, and the function to access to the Internet is added to the existing system for analysis of energy consumption. Misawa Homes will put the equipment to see the consumption of electricity, gas, and water service on the market for about 200,000 yen a unit coming August. The company projects to sell the unit to 2,000 houses this year. Sekisui Chemical will start the serve to give advice on power saving for each season most suitable to each household coming August. This service will be offered for 100,000 yen as the supplementary function to the existing equipment that company launched in spring this year. The company plans to sell 17,000 units this year. Daiwa House adopted the equipment of this kind for the substantiative experiment of its housing with storage battery that the company has been doing since last year.

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