Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No. 291: Japanese railway technology goes to three Asian countries. (July 6, 2011)

The Japanese government decided to participate in four railway improvement projects in Vietnam, Mongolia, and Indonesia with Marubeni and Keihan Electric Railway. They will invest in the projects and participate in management besides exporting rolling stocks and the signal systems. The four projects total 535 billion yen and the Japanese government agreed in principle with the three countries. They are part of the public private partnership initiated by Japan International Corporation Agency in 2001. The biggest of the four is the 35 km railway between Hanoi and the neighboring high-tech park, and Nomura Research Institute will join the team for the feasibility study. The investment will be 270 billion yen. In Mongolia, two subways will be constructed under the initiative of Marubeni. In Indonesia, Japan Transportation Consultants and Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering will play the key role. Tokyu Land will help the project with its know-how on the infrastructure development in major stations. Japan has well advanced technology and highly sophisticated knowledge in the railway development. The market of infrastructure development in Asia is expected to 8,300 dollars up to 2000.

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