Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No. 300: The capacity of a hard disc drive increases six times (September 1, 2011)

Toshiba developed the magnetic reproducing head technology that increases the recording capacity about six times without modifying the existing production process greatly. The company confirmed that the technology read the information written in a density of 2.5 terabits per square inch correctly. It plans to put the technology into practical use toward 2014. It said that it could theoretically increase the density up to 5.0 terabits per square inch. Toshiba elaborated the existing structure that the metal layers sandwich the thin insulating film in collaboration with a Tohoku University professor Masashi Sahashi. The research team created lots of holes one nanometer in diameter each in the insulating film and made the metals on the both sides penetrate part of the insulating film to increase the sensitivity. This technology makes it possible to read information written closely in a small area. The magnetic reproducing head that can read information written in a density of 0.75 terabit is widespread now, and the existing technology allows up to 2 terabits per square inch. This is an achievement of the project organized by NEDO, and the research results will be made public in the academic meeting in the U.S.

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