Sunday, July 14, 2013

No. 746: Energy saving by artificial intelligence technology of AIBO (July 13, 2013)

Sony will provide an energy-saving service to shops and offices that utilizes the artificial intelligence technology contained in its self-developed robot AIBO (friend in English). The service will monitor the power consumption of every electric appliance in an office and shop. Users can know the wasteful operation in one glance and work out finely-tuned measures for energy saving. At present, all energy-saving services can monitor power consumption of the entire office and shop. (Photo: Sony's AIBO, Please note AI means artificial intelligence.)

A sensor built in the power distribution board automatically figures out the status of use of each electric appliance independently with the help of the pattern recognition ability that the company has accumulated in the course of developing the AIBO. Real-time and independent monitoring of each electric appliance makes it possible to know the most appropriate arrangement of electric appliances not to mention that even better measures for further energy saving can be implemented. Informetis will market this new service with financial assistance from a domestic fund.   

Sony' AIBO (Friend in English)

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