Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No. 835: Preventing a driver from falling into a doze using a smartphone (February 19, 2014)

Toshiba and a car goods maker Carmate will jointly put a system to prevent a driver from falling into a doze on the market. The system is made up of a smartphone and a biosensor to measure heart rate. The driver of a vehicle puts a smartphone that incorporates the special application software inside the vehicle and wear a biosensor. The image recognition sensor and acceleration sensor built in the smartphone collect the running date of the vehicle in real time and estimate the distance to the preceding vehicle and usage of the brake. 

The image of the system to prevent snooze

Data will be transmitted together with heart rate obtained from the biosensor to the server managed by the Toshiba group. By analyzing the incoming data, the system will give the driver an audio warning not to fall into a doze. Toshiba Information System and Carmate are scheduled to start to offer this service for a monthly fee of several hundred yen in January 2015. The two companies plan to sell operators of long-distance buses and taxi companies for the health management of their drivers. 

 A revolutionary device to prevent a driver
from falling into a doze?

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