Friday, November 15, 2013

No. 804: Using a fuel-cell bus as an emergency power source (November 15, 2013)

Supplying power from a fuel-cell bus
Toyota showed a demonstration experiment of supplying power to home electric appliances from a fuel-cell bus to the public. This is the world’s first experiment of this kind. The power supply was enough to operate electric appliances used in a standard household for about 40 days. The large-scale fuel cell installed on the bus generates electricity by reacting hydrogen and oxygen. The company plans to use this system for the evacuation area at the time of disaster. The fuel-cell bus is loaded with about 20 kg of hydrogen and capable of supplying 4-5 times more power than a standard fuel-cell vehicle. It can be used as a shuttle bus under normal conditions and as an emergency power supply when a disaster occurs. 

 This fuel-cell bus was developed jointly by Toyota and Hino Motor. It has a maximum output of 9.8 kW. The two companies are planning to increase the supply capacity to allow continuous power supply for 50 hours by improving generation efficiency and decreasing production cost. The bus is scheduled to be put on the market in 2016. Toyota Industries and Denso jointly developed an apparatus to convert direct current generated by the bus to alternative current.   

Enjoy a ride on the fuel-cell bus jointly 
developed by Toyota and Hino

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