Monday, December 1, 2014

No. 861: Development of a bendable lithium-ion battery (December 1, 2014)

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory has developed a bendable lithium-ion battery. It is about 2 mm thick, and it employed highly flexible materials for both the positive and negative electrodes. Its shape can be changed freely: from a nearly flat shape to a curved shape. The exterior made of aluminum has very tiny irregularities to increase retractility. Lithium cobaltate is applied to an aluminum foil to build the positive electrode, whereas carbon is applied to a copper foil to build a negative electrode. The two electrodes are piled vertically. When the bendable battery is curved, tensile force is applied to the upper side and compassion force is applied to the underside. The irregularities on the exterior allow the exterior to expand and contract, and thereby they absorb pressure not to cause any cracks.

After bending the new lithium-ion battery for 10,000 times, the research team confirmed that neither the charge-discharge performance nor the exterior was damaged. It is planned to incorporate the new bendable lithium-ion battery in underside of a wrist watch type terminals and in the temples of glasses. Because terminal manufacturers can get a high degree of freedom in product designing, negotiations between Semiconductor Energy Laboratory and terminal manufacturers are reportedly under way. 

Newly developed bendable lithium-ion battery

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