Sunday, November 1, 2015

No. 882: Nihon Kohden’s latest technology to keep watching the elderly (November 1, 2015)

Nihon Kohdan that is Japan’s largest maker of automated external defibrillators will launch a service named “Sukoyaka (Being healthy)” on November 30 to participate in the service to keep watching the elderly. A sensor installed inside the house detects such actions as standing up, getting seated, and walking of the elderly and digitalize them. The figures will be divided into 100 levels and uploaded on the special site every day. A figure that goes down suddenly indicates possible trouble, and an e-mail will be sent to family members to inform them of the possible trouble. The sensor is a little bigger than a PET bottle. Because it can also measure room temperature and humidity, it can prevent family members from suffering heat stroke. It comes with a meter to measure the amount of activity that can be carried whenever leaving home. It will be distributed by Yamada-Denki, Japan's largest distributor of home lectronics, that has already started to sell the service by subscription. The service is 89,800 yen excluding tax for the system, and the basic usage charge is 2,980 yen excluding tax per month is needed.

Secom that is Japan’s largest security company is scheduled to launch a wearable terminal in 2-3 years for keeping watching the elderly. The company has already started the service to keep watching the elderly for 24 hours in alliance with Tsukui that is one of the leading nursing service companies in Japan. When a user pulls a string, Secom’s terminal will be activated and security staffs will be dispatched. Japan Post will start demonstration experiments of a service for the elderly in alliance with IBM. The elderly respond to a question coming from the tablet “Have you taken medicine?” The answer the elderly make by pushing buttons will be transmitted to family members living apart to let them confirm the health of the elderly. Hitachi collects consumption of electricity and water supply of a household, and immediately informs people concerned of an irregularity whenever it occurs.  

 Nihon Kohden's electrocardiogram

Secom is active around the world

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