Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No. 191: Charge an electric bicycle by photovoltaic generation (November 17, 2010)

Kyocera will put a charging system for electric bicycles that utilizes photovoltaic generation on the market today. The system generates electricity using sunlight and charges a battery connected to the control panel. Because shoppers can charge their electric bicycles while they are shopping, the system offers great deal of convenience to them. The company plans to sell this new charging system to commercial establishments, local governments, companies, and schools. The solar battery module installed on the fence at the corner of the bicycle parking lot generates electricity and transmits it to the control panel. The user detaches the battery from his electric bicycle and connects it to the control panel for charging. Because no storage device is installed, commercial power automatically supplies electricity in place of photovoltaic generation. The solar battery module has a maximum output of 208 watts, and the standard system made up of three modules can charge six electric bicycles simultaneously. The standard system is priced at 1,890,000 yen. It takes one or two days to install the system and costs several hundreds of thousand yen for installation. One of Kyocera’s group companies takes care of the installation.

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