Saturday, November 20, 2010

No. 194: NTT develops the technology to display related image on the mobile phone (November 20, 2010)

NTT Cyber Communications Laboratory Group developed the technology to display the image related to several lines of sentences on the scene, if the reader shoots them by the camera of his mobile phone. He can make a biography connected with an interview image and a textbook connected with the image of the days of the description. This technology expands the way to enjoy books, and NTT will negotiate with publishing companies and printing companies on the fee structure to industrialize the technology after next year. The user transmits the image of part of the sentences to the outside server, and the server locates the title of the book and the number of page on the basis of the transmitted image. And it transmits related video and image back to the mobile phone in a few seconds. It does not matter whether the sentence is written vertically or horizontally. NTT already developed the software that connects sentence in a book with a moving image in alliance with publishing companies and printing companies. The reader can add his impression and comments via the mobile phone. If the reader shoots the explanation of a famous restaurant in a travel guide, he can read the impression of the people who visited and had a meal there. Because he can read books with images, NTT wishes to spread this technology as the new way of reading based on the merger between books and digital technology.

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