Thursday, January 6, 2011

No. 224: Experiment of an electric fishing vessel starts coming July (January 6, 2011)

A group of 10 organizations, both public and private, including Fisheries Agency and Tokyo Electric Power will start the experiment to sail an electronic fishing vessel powered by a quick charger designed for electric vehicle in Nagasaki Prefecture coming July. The experimental fishing vessel will employ a charger of the CHAdeMO system. The equipment for quick charging developed by Ulvac will be installed in a port of an island in Nagasaki Prefecture. Electricity to be used for charging will be mostly from normal electricity, and electricity generated by the photovoltaic equipment in the port will also be used for charging. The experimental fishing vessel was developed by six companies including Tokyo Electric Power and Yamaha Motor under the initiative of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. It is about seven meters long and loaded with lithium-ion battery, and can sail for more than 30 km per 30-minute charge. It is designed to catch shells in home waters. Its fuel cost will be less than half of a fishing vessel of the same size that needs heavy oil. The experiment to sail a fishing boat is also under way in Hokkaido and Shikoku. Hokkaido uses a lead battery, while Shikoku employs lithium-ion battery. Both systems, however, need several hours for charging, and an efficient charging system is strongly desired.

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