Sunday, January 30, 2011

No. 234: Displaying the route on the windshield of a vehicle (January 31, 2011)

The head-up display technology to display information on the windshield is already applied to luxury cars now. In the current technology, however, the driver has difficulty focusing on the speed indication displayed on the windshield if he pays attention to the scenery. Utilizing the sensory illusion of the brain, Toshiba developed the technology to put the name of place and an arrow to show the route exactly on the real scenery the driver sees through the windshield. Toshiba improved the optical device to reflect symbols and letters drawn using CG and made the light from the device gather only in one of the two eyes by controlling the diffusion of light. Because the information exactly overlaps the scenery ahead, the driver can see the information from the navigation system clearly. The company said that driving safety would be improved because the driver can understand information from the car navigation system clearly and easily while he is watching ahead. This new technology can be applied not only the car navigation system but also to the guide system that allows a viewer to see sightseeing information on the scenery he looks from the observation deck. It plans to put the new technology into practical application in 3-4 years.

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