Sunday, September 4, 2011

No. 302: Experiments of the behavior detection technology using videos at nursing-care facilities (September 5, 2010)

NEC started the experiment of the system for higher security inside the nursing-care facilities through automatic detection of entrances and exits. The system is made up of NEC’s behavior detection technology and the face recognition technology. NeoFace, a face detection and checking engine, is combined with the human tracking system to verify the entrances and exits. The human tracking system outputs the behavior of a person and an object as the flow line because it can specify who the person is and where the object is in real time. Therefore, it will be possible to distinguish between people concerned and suspicious individuals. In addition, it will be possible to activate an alarm responding to invasion and reversed flow and based on the existence of an obstacle by setting a virtual region in the video. Because neither facility personnel nor residents are required to carry their IDs, there is no fair about the theft and loss of their IDs. NEC will continue the experiment in the nursing-care facilities run by Nichii Gakkan until mid-September. NEC plans to market this system for the administrative work and the detection of suspicious individuals inside plants and public infrastructure and as the tool to detect the behavior of shoppers inside the shop.

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