Monday, September 5, 2011

No. 303: Watching for family members in the remote area using a tablet terminal (September 6, 2010)

NTT West will start the service that enables people to watch for their family members and friends living in the remote area using a tablet terminal. The onboard camera of a tablet terminal, which is used as an interior digital photo frame, detects the moves of people automatically and notifies the other party of their moves. To protect privacy, the image of the room will not be transmitted, and an avatar on the screen will be used instead to tell whether the family members or friends are fine. Users can communicate with the other party by TV telephone and send hand-written messages using the touch panel. This service is a product of the combination of NTT West’s next-generation network (NGN), IPv6 that is the next standards of the Internet, and the improved communication network that allows for constant and stable transmission of large amount of data. Users need to subscribe to NTT’s optical line, apply for IPv6, and a tablet terminal from NEC whose price will be decided later. The company forecasts that demand for monitoring family members in the remote area will grow because of low birthrate and longevity. NTT West is scheduled to conduct substantiative experiments from late September to next spring with a view to offering the service in 2012.

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