Friday, November 25, 2011

No. 362: Eco-illumination that an LED creates a situation illuminated by several tens of LEDs (November 26, 2011)

Fujikura, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of electrical wires, will start the business of eco-illumination that an LED creates a situation illuminated by several tens of LEDs. Using the optics design technology, the company developed the processing method that allows a white LED to look like an LED of various kinds of colors and several LEDs to look like about 100 LEDs. Fujikura’s new technology forms special reflecting dots on the panel on which an LED is irradiated. Called the rainbow illumination panel, the originally processed panel has an LED that can produce various kinds of colors depending on the angle of the dots and the arrangement of optical sources.

The new technology can reduce the number of modules and costs necessary for wiring. In addition, it has overcome the problem with the difficulty of the high-intensity illumination that the standard laser processing cannot solve. Using Fujikura’s self-developed equipment, the size and depth of the can be modified to uniform the illumination and change the amount of illumination. The company plans to market the new newly developed panel to a wide area of applications including recreational facilities, sign displays, and architecture.    

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