Sunday, March 11, 2012

No. 457: A technology to measure vibrations going down to the lower level precisely (March 12, 2012)

It has grown even more critical for every construction company to work out better and inexpensive construction method for more vibration-free and earthquake-resistant buildings since the March 11 disaster in Tohoku. Taisei developed a technology to measure precisely the noise and sound of footsteps going down to the lower level through the floor of apartment. It calculates the vibration of the floor using a computer and estimates the size of the noise. It can reproduce how the vibration transmits through the floor with the help of computer graphic.

The company applied the finite element analysis method to its technology. In the test, it was confirmed that the difference is less than 5 dB between the actual measurement and the calculated value for the noise about 50 dB, though the existing technology produces a difference of more than 10 dB. It can be applied to the evaluation of high-rise buildings from the design stage to decrease vibrations with a lower construction cost. Taisei has already started to use this technology for the apartment buildings it is constructing.   

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