Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No. 471: A fuel cell electric vehicle that generates electricity to satisfy 6 days power requirements (March 28, 2012)

Honda developed a fuel cell electric vehicle that can supply electricity to outside. The power it can supply is about 6 days’ power requirements of a general household. The company plans to launch this new vehicle toward the end of 2015. It modified part of its “FCX Clarity” and mounted an inverter for power conversion in the trunk. The FCX Clarity generates power using hydrogen in the fuel tank and supplies up to 9 kW electricity for more than 7 hours consecutively. This is the electricity enough to satisfy the power requirements of a general household for 6 days.

Responding to the requests from the Ministry of the Environment, Honda also installed Japan’s first solar hydrogen station inside the premises of Saitama Prefectural government that does not emit carbon oxide at all throughout the process from the production to the supply of hydrogen. Using its original high-pressure water electrolysis system that integrates the production and compression of hydrogen, it successfully eliminated a compressor to realize a small-size and low-noise station. It can generate 1.5 kg of hydrogen in 24 hours using sunlight and commercial power. The 1.5 kg of hydrogen is enough to run an FCX Clarity for about 150 km. The company verifies the practicality of the FCX Clarity as a mobile power generation unit by asking Saitama Prefecture to use it as an official vehicle.  

Honda's fuel cell electric vehicle - FCX Clarity

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