Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No. 523: Thin and splinterless glass for solar batteries and lighting fixtures (May 29, 2012)

Companies from various industrial fields are busily preparing for the widespread of photovoltaic generation. Asahi Glass will put its “Leoflex” that is thin and splinterless special glass on the market nationwide coming June. The company has been shipping “Leoflex” to some solar battery manufacturers, and decided to sell it in such industrial markets as architecture and illumination.  

Leoflex is roughly 910 wide and1,820 mm deep, and weighs about 3 kg. It is about 0.8 mm thick that is nearly a quarter of thickness of the existing glass. Its surface is treated by chemical to make it hard to break. Fuji Pream, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of optical filters, became the first company that introduced Leoflex. It is likely that Leoflex will facilitate the spread of photovoltaic generation because light weight is a great advantage for a system to be installed on the rooftop of a house. 

Leoflex's image is available in the following pdf. file. 

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