Thursday, June 7, 2012

No. 530: A functional film for longer life of lithium-ion battery (June 7, 2012)

Kyodo Printing will develop a functional film that lengthens the life of a lithium-ion battery by up to 20%. A resin that absorbs the gas is inserted between the films to provide them with the function to adsorb the gas. The company will let the new film adsorb volatile gas generated while a lithium-ion battery is used to prevent the battery from expanding. The functional film will be used as the armoring material pasted on the package of battery.

A lithium-ion battery generates gas in the course of deterioration, and the package of a battery expands. In the worst case, it bursts. That is why a mobile phone has space inside in anticipation of the battery’s expansion. This space makes it hard for mobile phone makers to make their products thinner. Kyodo Printing so far developed functional materials including “MoistCatch” that adsorbs moisture and “OxyCatch” that adsorbs oxygen. The technology used to develop these two original products is used to develop the new film. The sample will be shipped in less than one year.
OxyCatch developed by Kyodo Printing

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