Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No. 547: A container gas engine generator named Meganinja from Mitsubishi Heavy (June 27, 2012)

Mitsubishi Heavy developed a container gas engine generator named “Meganinja,” which means big ninja (Japanese secret agent), that can start power generation in 24 hours after it arrives in the destination. In addition to housing devices in an easily movable container, the company employed connectors for wiring and connection of fuel tubing to simplify the fieldwork considerably. It is designed for a dispersed power system in newly industrialized countries suffering from power shortage not to mention for an emergency power source.

The “Meganinja” is a 40-feet container of the ISO standard that houses such devices required for power generation as gas engine, generator, fuel gas compressor, and control panel. It can support cogeneration should it collaborate with a 20-feet container for exhaust heat recovering that houses such equipment as hot water heat exchanger and exhaust gas steam boiler. Each of the containers can be transported to a destination by trailer. The Meganinja has an output of 1,500 kW, and connecting multiple Meganinja units can easily increase the output. It currently takes a month to set up a stationary power generation unit. The concept of the Meganinja is “Be quick to move, be quick to install, and be quick to generate electricity.”  

 Meganinja (big ninja or Japanese secret agent) gas engine generator 

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