Friday, June 1, 2012

No. 525: Nissan’s charging equipment with the function to supply electricity to household (June 1, 2012)

It is no longer a dream to use an electric vehicle battery as a storage battery of a household. Nissan will put its “LEAF-to-Home” charging equipment on the market in mid-June. The new product was developed and built by Nichicon. It allows an EV to be a storage battery of household. It is subject to government subsidy, and a customer needs to pay 330,000 yen including installation cost.

It supports both AC and DC. With an output of 6 kW that is two times bigger than the conventional output, it halved the charging time from eight hours to four hours as an EV charger. It has the function to monitor power consumption of the household and charge it at lower than contract current. Because it is possible to set hours for charging and feeding of the day using a timer, it is rather easy to store cheap electricity at night and use the stored electricity not only for household but also for back-up power supply for emergency. A Nissan’s executive said that his charging equipment could compete successfully with the existing household storage battery pricewise. Nissan plans to sell 10,000 units in the initial year. It will start to install the “LEAF-to-Home” in about 2,200 Nissan dealers across the country.

Nissan's "LEAF-to-Home” 

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  1. "The isolator will not allow a back feed of one battery to the other. You can then Cap away till your heart's content on your amplifiers."


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