Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No. 680: Reducing power consumption of an LSI to less than one hundredth (January 16, 2013)

NTT and Tokyo Institute of Technology developed a technology to reduce power consumption of an LSI to less than one hundredth. Because light can transmit a signal with a considerably smaller amount of energy than an electron, application of light signals has spread to the short distance communications between computers. However, it is necessary to control such a short spectrum about 10 nanometers to use light signals inside an LSI.

The two organizations successfully developed an infrastructure technology to handle light signals even in the nano region. They created a physical phenomenon called plasmon that vibrates by the concentration difference between the part with a large number of electrons and that with a small number of electrons inside graphene (sheet-shaped carbon molecules) known as an advanced material made of carbon. The two organizations plan to build a trial product in less than two years. The research results were published in the latest issue of the British science magazine “NatureCommunications.” 

 Relations between increasing performance and 
increasing power consumption of a system LSI 

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