Sunday, February 10, 2013

No. 681: Ink extremely hard to counterfeit from a Japanese printing company (February 10, 2013)

Dainippon Printing developed ink that is extremely hard to counterfeit in alliance with TagSyx Biotechnologies that is a venture company founded by an ex-researcher pf RIKEN. TagSyx has already obtained the license of the technology that uses special DNAs in Japan, the U.S., and Europe. Dainippon is scheduled to put the new ink into practical use within the month. The research team mixed an artificial DNA with special substances with ink. It is virtually impossible to counterfeit the new ink, and it is easy to distinguish it from the counterfeited ink. The two companies plan to market the new ink for documents that require high degree of anticounterfeit technology, such as marketable securities, cash vouchers, passports, and official documents, and tags and brand names put on products. Dainippon plans to control the cost increase between 10-20%. 

The artificial DNA is created by adding special substances to the molecule of the DNS extracted from plants, etc. It has a structure greatly different from DNAs available in the natural world, and it needs tremendously large amount of money to duplicate an artificial DNA with exactly the same structure. Special analytical equipment is necessary to tell whether the ink is genuine or counterfeit, and it takes 3-4 hours to make a judgment. The two companies plan to launch the analysis service business together. 

An introduction of a new product from Dainippon Printing

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