Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No. 685: Toshiba’s new remote decontamination robot designed for Fukushima (February 19, 2013)

Toshiba developed a new remote decontamination robot in alliance with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The new robot sprays fine particles made of dry ice at high pressure to clean floors and walls contaminated by radioactive materials. Test operation will start this month in Fukushima. After checking the performance, it will start operations this summer. Toshiba compared and discussed more than 1,500 decontamination technologies that the ministry collected from the general public last year and established the method effective for the place that dried after being exposed to contaminated water.

The new robot decontaminates the floor using the impact created by spraying dry ice and the expansion force created by dry ice when it sublimates into carbon dioxide gas. The movable arm moves while spraying dry ice and decontaminates up to two-square-meter per hour. The new robot collects contaminated materials created by cleaning simultaneously as a vacuum cleaner does. 

Toshiba’s new remote decontamination robot

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