Friday, May 10, 2013

No. 712: Developing advanced vehicles is in progress (May 10, 2013)

It is in the International Tokyo Toy Show held last July that Toyota exhibited the Camatte that attracted great attention from children. The Camatte is a three seated vehicle. It is 2,700 mm long, 1,300 mm wide and 1,200 mm high, and its wheelbase is 1,800 mm. It was developed by Toyota in alliance with Znug Design founded by ex-designer of Toyota. The user of a Camatte can disassemble and assemble it as if it is a toy in half a day. You can detach the front half of the body by unscrew the four knobs on the hood and headlights. It is often said that the pursuit of mass production is not successful in developing a vehicle that consumers accept with excitement.

Technology is advancing rapidly. ZMP developed a robocar. Based on Toyota’s Prius, the robocar automatically operates the accelerator and brake, and avoids obstacles. Interested in this robocar, Microsoft supports this company with the collection and analysis of such vehicle information as engine revolution, acceleration, and deceleration using its own cloud computing environment. The founder was involved in a project to develop a small robot and convinced that robots would change people life dramatically in 10 years. He came across with an excellent American programmer at home in analyzing vehicle information and developed the robocar in alliance with him. Some say that more young people will lose interest in vehicles in the future, and automakers are absorbed in searching the ways to around their curiosity.  

Introduction of the Robocar

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