Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No. 717: Nissan starts to provide the traveling data of its EV Leaf (May 21, 2013)

Nissan will construct a system to help Internet companies worldwide develop various applications for electric vehicle (EV) by providing them with the traveling data of its Leaf. The Leaf will have a function to send various data wirelessly to Nissan’s data center. Such data as location information, travel distance, and standing time will be provided to outside software developers for the development of software and services for smartphone. Nissan will get data usage fee from the outside software developers.

New services that Nissan wishes to explore include applying Leaf’s storage battery to smart grids, distributing discount information of restaurants in real time with the help of location service, and establishing a discount parking fee for a Leaf that offers electricity while being in a pay parking lot. The idea is to make a Leaf a traveling power source. Nisan currently utilizes Lead’s travel data for the improvement of maintenance and product innovation. Nissan sold more than 60,000 Leaves worldwide. With Nissan’s innovation, merger between car and the Internet will surely accelerate.  

Nissan Leaf taxi travels in New York

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