Thursday, October 24, 2013

No. 795: World’s first large-scale hydrogen power plant is scheduled for 2015 (October 24, 2013)

Chiyoda Corp. will construct the world’s first import and distribution base of hydrogen in Kawasaki in 2015. In the base, it will start to operate the world’s first large-scale hydrogen power plant in the same year. The hydrogen generation can basically use the existing equipment for natural gas thermal power plant. Chiyoda’s hydrogen power plant will burn the mixture of hydrogen and natural gas, and hydrogen will account for up to 70% of the mixture. The output will be 90,000 kW that is enough electricity for 30,000 standard households. The generation cost will be lower than oil thermal generation that costs 22 yen per kW and emissions of harmful gases will decrease drastically. The required amount of hydrogen is 200 million cubic meters (about 18,000 tons) per year.   
 Choyoda's demonstration plant of 
producing hydrogen fuel

Chiyoda is ahead in hydrogen generation because it is the only company in the world that has a technology for mass production, transport, and stable supply of hydrogen. The technology dissolves gas that generates in oil drilling in an organic solvent and transport the gas at normal temperature. The special equipment will recover only hydrogen in the Kawasaki base that has an annual capacity to produce 600 million cubic meters of hydrogen at about 30 yen per cubic meter. The company plans to decrease the cost to 20 yen per cubic meter to compete successfully with coal-fired thermal power that costs 10 yen per kW at present by spreading hydrogen generation.

It is estimated that hydrogen generation will account for 15% of power demand in 2030, much higher than 9% in Europe and 7.3% in North America.  

Chiyoda Corp.

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