Monday, January 6, 2014

No. 824: Utilizing big data for the prevention and treatment of diseases (January 6, 2014)

Toshiba will start a project to utilize big data for the prevention and treatment of diseases in alliance with Tohoku University. They will collect data on daily life, such as diet, exercise, and sleeping, of individuals with the help of a sensor to be ingested and attached to the body, and manage the collected data in an integrated manner through cloud computing. Medical doctors will utilize the collected data to improve their advice on the lifestyle habit of patients, and pharmaceutical companies and food companies will make the best use of them for the development of new products. A business model based on the collected data will be built by the joint efforts of the public and private sectors with an aim to decrease healthcare cost, and the model will be exported to foreign countries.  

Toshiba has a highly advanced technology in the micro electronic mechanical system (MEMS). Utilizing its excellence in this technology, the company plans to develop sensors that can be put in a wrist watch and swallowed with food. The sensors will detect a germ and a symptom of disease that causes an infectious disease from urine, sweat, and saliva. They will make it possible to monitor the health condition in the daily life around the clock, without relying on health examination and medical records. Nihon Kohden that is a leading medical device maker and other universities will participate in the project to be subsidized by the country. The project will start within 2014 with a total of several hundred participants that include Toshiba’s employees and staff members of Tohoku University. 

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