Tuesday, August 5, 2014

No. 850: Development of a lithium-ion battery usable for 70 years (August 5, 2014)

Sharp and Isao Tanaka of Kyoto University developed a lithium-ion battery usable for as long as 70 years. In the experiment, the new battery allows 25,000 times of discharge and charge. That is, it is usable for 70 years if it is discharged and charged on a daily basis. The existing lithium-ion battery is usable for 10 years at the longest. The researchers plan to make it practicable as the battery for wind and photovoltaic generation. The trial product is 8 cm square. They optimized the combination of materials of the positive electrode, such as ion and silicon, with the help of computer and the latest simulation technology.

They confirmed the usability by conducting 10,000 times of discharge and charge and analyzed that it is usable for six times longer than the existing lithium-ion battery. The research results were published in the electronic version of the British science magazine “Nature Communications.”    

Brilliant Japanese researchers make a breakthrough

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