Friday, August 29, 2014

No. 854: Developing an LSI to display all around a vehicle in three dimensions (August 29, 2013)

Renesas Electronics developed a system LSI that displays all around a vehicle in three dimensions. The new system LSI synthesizes images shot by multiple cameras and recognizes people and obstacles around a vehicle. Because it gives a warning when it recognizes a man or an obstacle around a vehicle, it allows a vehicle driver to avoid an accident should it be utilized by the parking assistance system.

The new system LSI has 8 times higher processing capability of recognized images than the existing system, and it can synthesize 3D images and recognize various objects including a man in real time. It can support up to 6 cameras. The company starts to ship samples 5,000 yen apiece this September. The mass production is scheduled for October 2016, and it plans to produce 500,000 pieces per month in 2017. It wishes to upgrade the new system LSI to be applied to the automatic braking system in the future.

 Toyota's advanced parking assistance system

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