Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No. 874: Reducing the power consumption of a liquid crystal TV by 25% (April 20, 2015)

Nichia Corp., a major manufacturer of LEDs in Japan, developed a semiconductor laser that emits more than 1,000 times stronger light than the existing semiconductor laser. Because it can emit strong light with smaller amount of power, it can reduce the power consumption of a liquid crystal TV by more than 25%. The company has already started shipping samples to electronics manufacturers. It plans to commercialize the newly developed semiconductor lasers in 2016.

Nichia's newly developed semiconductor lasers
that emit strong light

The element is made of gallium nitride and 1.2 mm long. A cover or a terminal is used to create laser light. Nichia successfully allow a semiconductor laser to emit strong light by improving the structure of the semiconductor element. Because a laser light has a uniform wavelength and can be emit straight. Therefore, it permits more effective illumination than an LED should it be employed for the backlight of the monitor of liquid crystal TV, and power consumption of the monitor will be halved.   

Mitsubishi Electric has already developed a red semiconductor laser that emits strong light, but it has not developed a green and a blue semiconductor laser that emits strong light. With the Nichia’s success, semiconductor lasers of the three elementary colors that emit strong light have been developed. Nichia plans to exhibit the research results in the Optics and Photonics International Congress 2015 scheduled to be held in Yokohama between 22nd and 24th of April this year.  

Nichia's ultraviolet LED light detects 
the repair history of pottery

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