Thursday, April 23, 2015

No. 875: IT companies accelerate development of technologies to prevent crimes and terrorist activities (April 23, 2015)

Major IT companies are accelerating their efforts to develop technologies for anticrime measures toward the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Hitachi developed a technology to detect a person who handled an explosive when he passes through the ticket gate of railway stations, and NEC developed a system to pinpoint a suspect while monitoring the city streets by combining image processing technology and security camera and put it into practical use.

Hitachi’s system puts a device to blow warm and an analyzing device of fine particles of an explosive to the ticket gate. When a passenger puts his IC card on the ticket gate, warm air instantly is sprayed to his hand. The device instantly draws in and analyses fine particles attached to the hand instantly. When the fine particles agree with the substances of an explosive, the device gives an alarm and closes the ticket gate. It works with an image processing system that uses security camera to chase the person even in the crowd. The company plans to put the technology into practical use by 2018 in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Hitachi's technology to detect a person who 
handled an explosve at the ticket gate of railway stations 

NEC developed a crime-prevention system that can monitor the whole city using NEC’s high precision image recognition technology. NEC’s system has the world highest precision of image recognition technology, and it can recognize a face at such a high success rate of 96%. The company has already shipped the system to Tigre, a resort northwest of Buenos Aires in Argentine. The system shipped to the resort has 1,000 cameras to cover an area of 150 square kilometers, and it works with the database of the police department. The system is managed by a private security company, but the police department dispatches police officers as soon as it receives a report from the security company. It has the function to detect the number places of stolen cars. 

 NEC's face recognition system

A research company in Japan estimates that the world market of image processing system will grow to 70 million yen in 2017.

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