Sunday, October 10, 2010

No. 175: Technology to increase the cleansing precision by 100 times (October 10, 2010)

Dainippon Screen developed the technology to increase the cleaning precision of cleaning equipment in the semiconductor manufacturing process by about 100 times. The technology equalizes water drops to clean semiconductor substrates to clean the state-of-the-art semiconductor circuits of 30 nano wide each without damaging them. The water drop is 15-30 micrometers in diameter, and the speed is 10-50 meters per second. The equipment splashes several tens of million water drops per second to clean semiconductor circuits. It is possible to control the size of the water drop down to the micrometer and the speed down to the meter per second. The existing cleaning equipment splashes nebulized water that contains nitrogen gas, and the diameter of a water drop fluctuates between 10-100 micrometers and the speed fluctuates between 10-90 meters, making it rather hard to control them uniformly. That is, increased speed to improve cleaning effect may destroy the circuit. Currently the yield of the state-of-the-art semiconductors circuits of 30 nano wide each is at most 50%. Dainippon’s newly developed technology is expected to increase the yield greatly. The company already built a prototype and plans to put the product on the market early next year.
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