Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No. 177: Use brain science to know the real intention of consumers (October 12, 2010)

Dainippon Printing, a leading printing company, and Asatsu-DK, a leading ad agency, will collaborate to develop the marketing approach using brain science. The two companies will address the approach that tells how much advertising and packaging attract consumers by analyzing their psychological state, and put it into practical use toward next spring. They will visualize consumers’ real intention that the questionnaire can hardly detect for better advertising messages and product appearances. The approach is based on the idea that harder the specific part of the brain activates, the more the consumer get interested in the product. Dainippon Printing developed light-weight and low-impact brain wave measurement equipment in collaboration with a professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. The company wishes to combine the technology with Asatsu-DK’s know-how on advertising and promotion method, and offer the service that covers from survey to consulting on improvement to companies. It will soon start an experimental survey with 120 examinees and publish the survey results in December to show the effectiveness of its integrated approach.
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