Friday, October 22, 2010

No. 179: Culture algae using industrial effluent (October 23, 2010)

JFE Engineering and Tsukuba University plan to culture algae using industrial effluent to produce bio fuel. In the experiment, they successfully increased the amount of algae, which can become a raw material of fat and oil, by more than two times than the existing method even in the industrial effluent that contains too much organic substances. The experimental success indicates that it will become possible to use the sewage disposal facilities as the culture apparatus at a low cost, eliminating the necessity to build a large-scale special storage tank. Culturing algae is not widespread because of the high cultural cost, but the two organizations opened up the way how to culture algae at a low cost. They are scheduled to quintuple the production efficiency of bio fuel in about three years for industrialization. They will shortly build a small-sized experiment system inside the plant of JFE Engineering to construct a fuel production system that can produce 50 liters bio fuel for each one-square-meter water tank annually.
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