Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No. 209: Technology for high accuracy analysis of sugarcane gene (December 9, 2010)

Toyota Motors developed the technology for high accuracy analysis of sugarcane gene in collaboration with National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu and Okinawa Region affiliated with National Agriculture and Food Research Organization. The technology will be useful for shorter period for breed improvement and helpful for the spread of bio fuels. It enabled the research team to draw a gene map, which shows the positional relationship of DNA sequences, five times more in detail than the existing technology. With this technology, it will be possible to locate important genes helpful for improved productivity and strengthened disease resistance of sugarcane and halve the period for breed improvement. Because sugarcane has much DNA volume, the existing technology does not allow breed improvement based on the analysis of gene information. If the newly-developed technology allows for stable and increased production of sugarcane, it will give momentum to the spread of bio fuels that do not emit carbon dioxide. Toyoda Motors has already developed the technology to enable its gasoline vehicles built after June 2006 to run fuel that contains 10% bioethanol in volume. The company plans to disclose the technology after obtaining the patent to prepare for the growing demand for biofuels worldwide.

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