Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No. 212: A camera system to trace a ball traveling at 200 km/h (December 15, 2010)

Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa of Tokyo University and his research team developed the ultrahigh-speed camera system that can trace a ball hit by a tennis racket traveling at a speed faster than 200 km/h. Theoretically, the system makes it possible to place a bullet of a pistol and an object running at the sound speed (about 340 meters per second) in the center of a camera frame. The team successfully developed the system by combining lenses and small mirrors that move quickly. The system can be used in a camera sensor that observes an object moving at a high speed and that covers a wide area independently. It is traditionally necessary to move the camera-mounted equipment itself to keep placing an object moving at a high speed in the center of a camera frame because the performance of the actuator is not enough. Moving two sheets of mirrors, each of which is about the size of half of a name card, to two directions is enough to operate the camera. This technology successfully downsized the actuator and allowed it to move at a high speed.

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