Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No. 211: Mass production of heat-resistance materials for aerospace (December 14, 2010)

Ube Industries will build up the production system of fibers for the next-generation aircraft engines. The company will start mass production of heat-resistant materials for aerospace by 2016 and put the composite material made of fiber and resin being developed jointly with Boeing into practical use. Ube’s heat-resistant materials are excellent in functionality and used in the planetary exploration spacecraft “Hayabusa (Falcon)” launched by Japan Space Exploration Agency. Heat control polyimide film used in “Hayabusa (Falcon)” is excellent in heat resistance and hard to deteriorate against radiation and ultraviolet. It will be used in BepiColombo that is the exploration spacecraft for Mercury to be launched in the partnership between Europe and Japan. Materials for aerospace have to clear very high requirements both in heat resistance and weight saving, and Japanese companies are very active in new product development and increasing use. Toray is schedule to ship carbon fibers to Airbus starting 2011. Teijin will supply carbon fibers to the next small passenger aircraft of Bombardier of Canada for 10 years. Osaka Titanium Technologies will increase production of sponge titanium by 20%.

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