Thursday, February 10, 2011

No. 241: A new liquid crystal display with the maximum resolution (February 11, 2011)

A new 4.5-inch liquid crystal display for smart phones has been developed by Hitachi Displays in Tokyo. It has greater brightness and about 10% higher resolution than the conventional models on the market. It has a pixel count of 720x1,280 dots and satisfies the high-definition standards. The company improved the resolution to the maximum level discernible by eyes with the help of the microfabrication technology of the pixel electrode for displaying videos. Adopting the technology called IPS (In Plain Switching), the new display can easily adapt to such peripheral functions as three dimension and touch panel. Hitachi Displays improved the materials that collect the light transmissive through liquid crystal and realized such high degree of brightness as 500 candela in addition to increasing the color reproducibility that is the index of brightness by 70%. The company is scheduled to start mass production and shipment to mobile phone manufacturers worldwide coming October. Demand for high-definition liquid crystal displays capable of displaying high-quality videos is growing worldwide. The company boasts the highest performance of its new liquid crystal display among all products of the same kind at present.

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