Monday, February 14, 2011

No. 244: Dispatch a communication robot to the space station (February 15, 2011)

A plan to station a domestic humanoid robot in the space station will be drawn jointly by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Tokyo University, and Dentsu. Besides the ability to understand human language, the robot will have the function to communicate and exchange messages with the earth. The robot is a “communication robot” that receives instructions from the earth while astronauts are sleeping and delivers the instructions after they get up. It will analyze the stress of the astronauts from their facial colors and expressions that it gets while it communicates with them, and send data to the earth to get improvement ideas. It will communicate with the earth on behalf of the astronauts and dispatch information from space using Twitter. The robot will do experiments to take pictures of the earth automatically using the built-in camera and send the images to the earth. It can move at its own discretion, and at the same time, it can be controlled from the earth. The three organizations believe that the above functions can be applied to the development of home robots designed for households of the aged in remote areas. The domestic communication robot is scheduled to be launched in 2013.

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