Thursday, February 24, 2011

No. 251: Small and light-weight fuel cell you can put on a palm (February 25, 2011)

A company in Kyoto that specializes in the development of fuel cells announced that it would put a newly-developed small and light-weight fuel cell on the market coming April. The company is Aquafairly originating from a laboratory of Kyoto University and the product is AF-M3000. The product uses a substance that generates hydrogen should it be mixed with water and supplies hydrogen for the cell. You do not need large and cumbersome equipment like hydrogen cylinder because you can carry the cell in the normal temperature when hydrogen is a solid substance. The fuel source is a substance based on calcium hydride, and electricity is generated by making hydrogen, which is generated by mixing the substance with water, react with oxygen inside the cell. Equipment to cool down the heat generated in the reaction is not necessary. Weighing 128 grams with an output of 2.5 watts, it can be put on your palm. It can be used for recharging mobile terminals, and you can operate an Apple’s i-Phone for 3 hours per 90-minute recharge. It is priced at 26,250 yen, and it is smaller and lighter than a cell that uses methanol as fuel.

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