Sunday, May 1, 2011

No. 272: Organic ink for a soft and inexpensive display unit (May 2, 2011)

As the electronic paper market is expected to grow substantial in the near future, companies concerned are busily occupied with developing related technologies. Teijin, one of Japan’s leading fiber makers, developed organic ink that allows for building a soft display unit at a low cost by giving a twist to the conventional ink. It is possible to arrange the new ink on the display unit like printing on paper without heating it, though the conventional ink needs heating to higher than 100 degrees centigrade. The company developed this ink by dissolving an organic semiconductor material called DNTT in the organic solvent. Developed by Prof. Takimiya of Hiroshima University, DNTT has better electrical characterization than silicone. Believing DNTT is applicable to the drive element for displaying letters, it elaborated the content and developed the ink that requires neither heating in printing nor expensive manufacturing equipment. Teijin applied the new ink on a resin substrate, and built a 1 cm by 1 cm trial drive element and confirmed that it allows voltage to change current, meaning that it can be used for a display unit. It acquired Nanogram in California last year to accelerate the business related ink materials with the hope that the market of drive elements for electronic paper will grow substantial in 2015.

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