Monday, May 16, 2011

No. 277: New materials for large liquid crystal TVs (May 16, 2011)

A professor of Keio University, Yasuhiro Koichi, developed new materials that realize high quality pictures inexpensively for large liquid crystal TVs. They are a backlight with 50% smaller power consumption, inexpensive protective film for deflecting plate, and scattering film without color heterogeneity. Each of them is made of acrylic transparent resin. The backlight that contains fine particles of several micrometers in diameter can transmit parallel light, and the protective film is characterized by a new mixture ratio of multiple raw materials of resin. The scattering film contains particles of a different character from those contained in the backlight. These materials help a liquid crystal display to have better price competitiveness over the existing models in which expensive phase films are incorporated. The professor suggests the possibility that the production process of liquid crystals changes basically. In fact, the production cost will be halved if the mass production technology is established. The professor will present the research results on May 17 in the Society for Information Display scheduled from 15th and 17th of May in Los Angeles in the U.S.

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