Friday, May 20, 2011

No. 279: New display panel film for 3D TV (May 21, 2011)

New film used for the display panel of a 3D TV has been developed by Toppan Printing and Arisawa Mfg. The 3D TV gives a three dimensional image by discharging different images from either side of the screen. Toppan is a leading printing company, and Arisawa Mfg. produces panel glass materials to give the 3D function to a TV. Toppan processed the material developed by Arisawa using Toppan’s processing technology and developed film more elastic than glass. The film is cheaper than glass with higher production efficiency. The new company to be founded jointly by the two companies on June 1 will ship samples for 23-inch TVs by coming September. Full-scale production is scheduled for 2012 at a new plant. It plans to develop film for 55-inch TVs in the future. A U.S. survey company predicts that 3D TV shipments will grow 25 times from 2010 to the level of 100 units in 2014 worldwide. The panel using the new film meets the requirements of the 3D TV that requires simple special glasses for viewing. This type of 3D TV will be more acceptable to households because it is lower in price than the type that asks viewers to wear special glasses that need power. The new company plans to develop the market for PCs and monitors for industrial use in the future.

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