Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No. 600: Teijin’s aramid fiber is adopted for the parachute of NASA’s Mars probe Curiosity (August 28, 2012)

NASA of the United States adopted the para aramid fiber developed by Teijin for the parachute of its Mars probe Curiosity. Teijin’s para aramid fiber will be used for the suspension codes that connect the probe and parachute. The product is Technora produced by Teijin Techno Products.

The 80 suspension codes made of para aramid fiber connect the parachute that weighs about 60 kg and is abut 15 m in diameter. Para aramid fiber has eight times higher tensile strength than iron of the same weight. Its strength deterioration due to conflict and infection is small, and its heat resistance is excellent. It is being used for bulletproof vests, optical fibers, and an reinforcing agent of tires. Teijin has 50% share in the world para aramid fiber market.  

Teijin’s para aramid fiber Technora is adopted for the parachute of NASA’s Mars probe Curiosity. 

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