Sunday, October 7, 2012

No. 626: An optical disc capable of storing 100 times more data than a Blu-ray disc (October 7, 2012)

Fujifilm developed a technology to build an optical disc that has a memory capacity of 15 terabytes, 100 times more memory capacity than a Blu-ray disc. Using a resin that swells a little by absorbing a laser beam, the new technology made it possible to pile up to 100 memory layers. An off-the-shelf Blue-ray disc has the maximum memory capacity of 100 gigabytes with three memory layers on one side. At present, the new technology achieved 500 gigabytes (0.5 terabytes) with 20 memory layers on one side. The company wishes to achieve 7.5 terabytes with 100 memory layers on one side, making the total memory capacity 15 terabytes in the future.  

The new optical disc is recordable that allows for one time writing. Its memory layer is made of a standard resin and a pigment that absorbs laser beam efficiently. Although it shares the same wevelength of light with a Blue-ray disc, but the company moved its focus slightly so that light can be irradiated continuously. The company plans to launch the new optical disc with a memory capacity of 1 terabyte for 1,000 yen apiece in three years. It reckons that a data center can reduce the cost to one third by replacing the hard discs with the new optical discs.  

 Image of Fujifilm’s new optical disc capable of 
storing 100 times more data than a Blue-ray disc

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